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Our team of health and lifestyle improvement experts at Celebration Health Assessment conducts, in one seamless day, a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment in a VIP setting that rivals the very best in the world. The program is personalized, the results are immediate and the experience is unlike any doctor office or hospital visit. Achieve a higher level of health and perform at peak levels in every area of your life.

The most comprehensive, convenient and personalized health assessment for creating your plan for pinnacle performance.

Karen King, Fortune 500 executive, shares her story.
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For a new state of wellbeing.

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Expert Care.

Our team of talented physicians, nurses, and skilled technicians are unified in our advocacy of healthy lifestyle promotion and offer the highest level of expertise in preventative medicine with an unparalleled caring and focused attention you deserve.

Our team offers the highest level of expertise in preventative medicine with the caring, focused attention you deserve.

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Our mission is to focus on whole person health - Body, Mind & Spirit.

Our story is really about you.

We can tell you how incredible our program is and how we make measurable differences in our clients' lives—improving energy levels, mental acuity and performance levels, every day, in every way. Or, we can let them tell you their stories...

“I'm grateful for that day at Celebration [Health Assessment]…
I think you can make a strong case that it may well have
saved my life.”
Pat Williams, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President
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At the center of every success story is the plan to out-perform this year's achievements—and the passion to follow through. Optimal health fuels peak performance. Let's get started on creating your plan, today.

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